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This site is for those who would like to know how to set up a commercial radio in Russia. If you would like to get involved in this risky but interesting, potentially - profitable and prestigious business, here you can find all the information you need — whether you are a beginner or an aspiring professional.

All articles on this site are in Russian. Try using this online translator to read them.
1. From an idea all the way to the profit
1.1. We answer the main questions
1.2. Registration of a mass-media organisation in Russia
1.3. Development and activating a frequency
1.4. Broadcasting licence in Russia
  • Tender process
  • Participation in a tender
  • Registration of the licence
  • Structure of the Federal Tender Commission
1.5. Licensing of technical equipment in Russia
1.6. What equipment do I need to broadcast
1.7. Promoting your radio
1.8. How we set up our own radio (Read it - it's a must!)
Deliberate broadband interference with radio reception
2. Radiostation and its various elements
2.1. Management
2.2. The Programme
  Musical broadcasting
  Programming and broadcasting automation
2.3. Promotion and marketing
2.4. Advertising
2.5. Engineering
  The radiocentres and radiofrequencies
  Technical Services and Technical Concept
3. "Top Guns" of broadcasting
3.1. What does it mean?
3.2. The magic of radio sound
3.3. "Dirty" and "pure" technologies
3.4. What if Dr. Goebbels was right?
3.5. Teamwork and teamtraining
4. Radiocompany as an integral part of the regional economy
4.1. Governor - please take notice!
4.2. Toying with Damping? – Surrender Your License and – Back to School!
4.3. This Long-forgotten Word "Propaganda"
This Long-forgotten Word Propaganda
5. Dialogue and feedback
5.1. Forums
5.2. Surgery
5.3. Recruitment agency
5.4. Second-hand: I sell
5.5. Second-hand: I want to buy
5.6. Guestbook
5.7 Advertising at
5.8 Send mail to the site founder
6. Inspiration and throes of creation
6.1. Broadcasting projects
6.2. The publications
6.3. About the creators of this site
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