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Broadband interference with radio reception

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Deliberate broadband interference with radio reception, electromagnetic compatibility and means of combating interference

"Trouble Out of the Blue", BROADCASTING Magazine, №7, 2005

  • Commentary by V.P.Stytsko, Deputy Head of the Department of TV and mass communications at the Federal Press and Mass Communications Agency.
    BROADCASTING Magazine, № 7, 2005, p.72.

  • Commentary by S.I.Yermolayev, Director of the Technical Direction, State Radiocompany "Mayak".
    BROADCASTING Magazine, № 7, 2005, p.71.

PLC Interference — Publications of the BBC Technical Research Department:

"Noise-suppressing Reception Aerial" — publication for radioengineers, radio enthusiasts and radiohams.

Introduction of PLC system not only carves into the audience of the state and commercial radio stations, it also completely deprives radio enthusiasts and SW radio hams of an opportunity to legally indulge in their favourite pastime, as stipulated by the International Code for Radio Communications. So we have decided to publish materials related to the engineering developments designed to provide protection from interference emanating from the electrical mains.

Please sent your thoughts and engineering suggestions for suppression of radio noise and protection against interference to:

For radio enthusiasts — send to:
"Radio" Magazine
For Broadcast technology — send to:

It is just as well that representatives of relevant ministries, organisations and supervising bodies seat on the Editorial boards of "RADIO" and "BROADCASTING" Magazines.

However, the best decision would have been legal prohibition of sending any signals through the electric mains and DECLARING the MIANS as the ZONE FREE FROM EXTRANEOUS SIGNALS and RADIO NOISE. The electric system is meant to serve consumers as a source of energy and not create problems or cause mutual mudslinging.

It would be best if this ban is initiated by individual national authorities responsible for means of communications, and introduced at international level. The sheer fact that pulse signals are sent and deliberately interfere with the radioreception, is an infringement of the Rules of a Radio Communications. UDI-style appropriation of radio frequencies band, is little less than malicious radiohooliganism. Such actions should be punished through criminal persecution.

Dear Misters PLC-operators, once upon a time people who poisoned water wells, were considered as criminals. Please bear this in mind and don't leave your own mess on a feeding plate, which is used by many and not you only.

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